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“Everything that we call real is actually made of things that cannot be absolutely regarded as real” (Nobel Prize Winner, Niels Bohr)

A research into the nature of reality, into the nature of expression, communication and the greater question of “Who am I ?”. A proposal defined by Zen education and the craft of acting, one that invites and encourages everyone to explore, through the mind and body, the here and now. The inquiry of our “Being” and of what is real, can only be practiced where there is a group of people with similar interest, so as to cooperate and support each other and where there is somebody who takes care for the ethic and a vision of life as context. To wake up to the real game cannot be done alone, we each need the other (otherness).

Pasquale Esposito is a professional actor, (working in both theatre and film industry), he is a researcher and a Zen practictioner. He founded and is the artistic director of the“Research Company Art and Awareness”a frame work in which he inquires and pioneering how expression and communication is shaping the phenomena that we call reality. His acting and creative research has been profoundly influenced and guided by his Zen Buddhism practice. He has been practicing (Soto) Zen Buddhism since 1993 and he was officially ordained in 2001 (Zaike Tokudo cerimony) with which he got his name Pasquale Shuten Esposito from the Abbot F. Taiten Guareschi at the Fudenji Zen Temple in Fidenza, Italy.

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