Past Productions

A looking glass
October, 23rd 2016

This is a project written and directed by Pasquale Esposito. Performed at Lotus Theatre in Munich 23rd October 2016. He got inspired by a story written by Chana Sharfstein and he called the project “A looking glass”. It is a poetic and archaic way to refer to a mirror. It is a story about mirrors of course, about relationship,  a encounter and a transformation. How a Mirror becomes a window.

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New Productions

Fight Game

About the project: Fight Game

Written by Pasquale Esposito, he got inspired by the Baghavad Gita, an epic narrative of ancient India. The story happen in a boxing Club, it’s an important encounter between a young fighter, just before his most important match and the great coach in fighting. The young boxer is stuck with no strength to face the fight and he call the only person who he trust more then anybody. This meeting will change the course of his life.