A few words about the company

The word "Company" comes from the Latin Companio. “Com” meaning “together” and “panis” meaning “bread” (bread of life), one who eats bread with you. Company implies nothing exist in isolation but rather in a constellation, is the essence of togetherness. This correspond exactly to a principle that is the heart of this Company and it’s a principle that lives in a constant research and inquiring for whatever is original and new. These are values we want to share. The Company is based on different principles coming from Pasquale’s education. One of the Company’s principle is: sensory awareness. The nature of sensations related to the nature of a human experience. There is no system of exercise fixed in a technique, not in a routine to follow, only explorations, inquiring, discoveries. Pasquale focus his work on research, on inquiring and don’t take anything for granted, but rather starting from not knowing how to answer, it is a research without the researcher. As Company we don’t have anything to say unless it arises from an actual experience of where we are that is new, unknown. This process of pioneering is strongly related to the process of awareness about the nature of the “self” and about expression and communication. Inquiry ultimately in the Company implies self-inquiry.

Members of the Company

Pasquale Shuten Esposito
Artistic Director and Actor

Pasquale Esposito was born in Italy. At the moment he is living in the north of Germany Hamburg. He has been practicing Zen (soto) since 1993 and was officially ordained in 2001 at Fudenji Zen Temple in Italy by the Abbot Fausto Taiten Guareschi. Pasquale is a professional actor working both in Theatre and the film industry. He studied acting with Susan Batson and Greta Seacat in New York and Francesca De sapio in Rome. The he met Dominique De Fazio with whom he studied and collaborated for many years. After he completed his system training, he taught at the Studio De Fazio in Rome, in Germany and Los Angeles for 4 years. A very important part of Pasquale’s education comes from Gurdjieff teaching, which he followed in Rome, Los Angels and London. Pasquale is the president of the cultural association “Flowers in the Sky” regarding the Zen education and he is the artistic director of the Research Company Art and Awareness. He is travelling often to the UK exposing his research about the relationship between the relationship between the creative and artistic process and the awareness process. He had his first production’s Company “A looking Glass” in Munich Germany and he directed and produced a documentary: “In the right light” screened in N. Y. Tokyo and London. He is preparing two new projects.

If you have an interest in Pasquale’s work, you can visit his websites:

Pasquale on e-talenta

Silke Heusinger Dancer, Personal Trainer

Silke Heusinger – Kwan Hea was born in Bavaria/ Germany, but has her true home on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Silke has been studying Dance since 1985 in Germany, France and the United States. She was trained i.a. in Classical Dance (Christiane Milenko, Alain Astié), Modern Dance (Heide Tegeder), African Contemporary Dance (Koffi Koko), Tai Chi Dao Jin (Chiang-Mei Wang – Cloud Gate Dance Theater). Always searching for a way of dancing out of a deep connection to an inner truth, her ways led her also towards Sensory Work. Her focus lies in both, elaborating her own dance style Futuristic Dance and in body and therapeutical release work. In 2008, she founded the Lotus Theater in Pöcking/ Munich as a research center for artistic work and body work (Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis) and is collaborating in Physiorhythmic® RMBR with Michele Cross (Los Angeles/ United States). She is a practicing Buddhist and a student of Supreme Matriarch Dae Poep Sa Nim (Yun Hwa Denomination of World Social Buddhism). If you are interested in Silke’s work, you can visit her webpages below:

Lotus Theater

Enno Hesse  Actor
Enno Hesse

Enno spent most of his career in German television and Film. He startet early with modeling at the age of 6 month, walked his path through a childrens Agency, where he started to dubb at the age of 7. parallely to school he started a Film-Acting career with 13 years and got into his first professional Agency at the age of 15. Since then he has been acting in more then 80 German Film- and Television productions of which some were nominated amd awarded with several awards like e.g. Oskar, Grimme-Preis, Deutscher Filmpreis, Deutscher Fernsehpreis. Enno himself was awarded in 2007 with the Günter-Strack Fernsehpreis for his acting. In that same year he started to seek for new artistic orientation, worked with Dominique De Fazio in Rome, was part of the Program for professional Artists as well as the Program for Professional Screenwriters and the Advanced Program in Communication.

Enno Hesse Agency

Deborah Templeton
Writer and Researcher in the field of theatre and mindfulness

Deborah is a writer of short fiction and contemplative performance texts, as well as a researcher in the field of theatre and mindfulness. She is a Kripalu Yoga teacher, a Student-teacher of the ITM Alexander Technique, and a long-term meditator. Under the pen-name, Deborah Templeton, she has written performance texts for IOU Productions (UK), Taller de Investigación Teatral (Mexico), and Espacio Kuu (Mexico/Finland); her collaborations with the experimental composer, Monty Adkins, include the ibook, Rift Patterns (Audiobulb, 2014). Under her academic name, Deborah Middleton, she is a co-director of the Centre for Psychophysical Performance Research, and director of the Mindfulness and Performance project. She has written numerous academic articles and conference papers, and is currently working on a book on theatre and mindfulness. Originally from Northern Ireland, she now lives in Yorkshire and travels as much as possible.

Edoardo Purgatori

Edoardo Purgatori (a.k.a. Ed Hendrik) was born in Rome in 1989. He began to cultivate a passion for acting while studying at the German School of Rome. By the age of 19 he'd already attended several acting workshops conducted by visiting teachers from the Actors Studio in New York. In 2007 he made his professional debut in the television drama 'Donna Detective' directed by Cinzia Th. Torrini. In a short time more TV roles followed. In 2008 he shortly attended the University LUISS Guido Carli in Rome, where he studied international relations before moving to the UK to further pursue his acting training. In London he studied with private teachers, attended courses at the Actor's Temple before being offered a place at the Oxford School of Drama. After two years abroad, Ed returned to Rome and continued his studies with Dominique De Fazio, a member of the Actors Studio, who soon became his artistic father. Since 2010 Edoardo has been working steadily in theatre, television and cinema internationally. In 2017, after a successful run of Edoardo Erba’s play ‘Marathon’ at the Teatro Argôt Studio, Ed will be seen in a several projects like Tonino Zangardi’s feature film ‘When Nuvolari Runs’, in the Italian version of the acclaimed US series ‘Parenthood’ and in Carlo Carlei’s WWI drama 'The Boundary’ both for RAI 1. Ed currently lives and works between London, Rome and Berlin as well as continuing to build his career in the United States.